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The scheduling solution from the cloud, with which you can optimize your construction logistics to a high degree

Challenges of construction machinery dealers in construction logistics

Logistics in the construction equipment sector is a major challenge for dealers. Due to the size and heaviness of the machines, longer delivery times, high costs and the need for regular maintenance and repairs, dealers often have to find innovative solutions to make their logistics efficient.

One of the biggest challenges is handling the size and heaviness of construction equipment. This makes both storage and transportation of the machines difficult. It is not uncommon for construction equipment to weigh several tons and be several feet long, making it difficult to load and transport on trucks and increasing the cost of transportation.

Another problem is the longer delivery times for construction equipment, which is often produced to order. This results in longer wait times for customers and can become a challenge for dealers as they have to coordinate inventory and delivery times to meet their customers' demands.

Transportation costs are another major issue for construction equipment dealers. Transporting heavy and bulky machinery can be very expensive, especially over longer distances. This affects profit margins and makes it harder for dealers to offer competitive prices.

That's where Disporeon comes in. With the web-based dispatching solution, you can optimize your logistics process to the maximum, reducing your internal efforts for dispatching such construction machines to a possible minimum. Register today and take your company into the digital future.

Transport service

Obtain construction machinery transport as a service

As a construction equipment dealer, are you also struggling with high financial, administrative and personnel expenses? Disporeon's scheduling solution provides a remedy and supports you in reducing precisely these costs to an absolute minimum.

Preparation and management of public and private transport tenders

With Disporeon, you tender your upcoming construction equipment transports either publicly or privately using your own bidder lists. Disporeon allows your construction company to continue working only with partner and freight forwarding companies you trust. To do this, simply create a transport tender and invite your preferred haulage company to bid.

Manage locations, invoice receipts and employees at home and abroad

Effortlessly manage your company locations at home and abroad and determine whether you want to use decentralized invoice receipts or a central invoice receipt. All employee user accounts can be conveniently set up and assigned to your existing company locations and managed.

As a Disporeon customer you only pay for what you actually use

There are no costs for you for your registration as a construction company. You register for free, set up your company account according to your needs and familiarize yourself with the Disporeon dispatching solution. Once one of your construction equipment transports is tendered and successfully assigned to a trucking company, a small success fee is incurred for arranging the construction equipment transport.

A construction equipment inventory and a clever tender wizard

Capture and manage your existing construction machinery in the construction machinery inventory. Through the one-time machine entry, you are even faster with our transport tender assistant when your construction machines need to be transported from one location to the next.

The flexible role and authorization model

With Disporeon, you always have the upper hand. Assign individual roles and authorizations to your employees at home and abroad so that you can keep an eye on the respective status of your pending and planned transports even during employee absences.

Simple integration and intuitive user guidance for everyone

Disporeon's dispatching solution can be integrated with little effort into small, medium and large construction companies, as well as into existing process and IT infrastructures. This means you don't have to be a professional to set up the cloud application, because Disporeon has paid attention to intuitive user guidance since the beginning of development.

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