The digital freight service provider for small, heavy & special transports

Disporeon connects construction companies, construction equipment dealers and rental companies with freight forwarding companies in order to optimize the utilization of truck and low-loader capacity and minimize partial and empty runs. As a result, we guarantee our shippers optimal transport prices.

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Want to learn more about how our innovative scheduling solution can help you streamline your business operations?

We will show you, without obligation and free of charge, how you can successfully implement our scheduling solution in your company.

Service for shippers

Transport Management

Get transparency and save costs while managing all your transports through the Disporeon platform.

As a neutral service provider, we are your partner for the daily handling of transport tenders. We optimize processes on an ongoing basis, giving you a competitive competitive advantage.

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Keep an overview of your transports at all times

With Disporeon's dispatching solution, organizing small, heavy and special transports works easier and more efficiently than ever before for you as a construction company, construction equipment dealer and rental company. You always maintain an overview of;

  • Current transports
  • Transport prices and costs
  • Pick-up and delivery dates
  • Order confirmations and delivery notes

With our strong carrier network, we ensure that your transports run smoothly, increasing efficiency and transparency.

Disporeon Cloud Application

Optimize the utilization of your vehicles as a forwarding company

Our shippers are all construction companies, construction equipment dealers and construction equipment rental companies from all over Switzerland. Disporeon increases your market knowledge many times over, especially since your company participates in a market and thus optimizes the utilization of your trucks. The large number of shippers on our platform also guarantees your company a high transport volume.

Thanks to our digital document management, your time for creating order confirmations and freight paper in administration is significantly reduced.

Service for carriers

The intelligent way to reduce empty runs

Use our platform and do not miss any more requests.

Disporeon assures you, as a carrier, a reliable source of construction equipment transportation and helps your company optimize the utilization of your trucks and flatbed trailers, thereby minimizing empty runs.

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Document Management

Digital document management

Everyone is talking about digitizing. With Disporeon, you make it easy. From organization to machine management to delivery bills, everything runs 100% digitally. That means "Goodbye paper warfare" and "hello, digital document management", because you have all documents from the invoice to the delivery bill in PDF form at the start.

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Our scheduling solution takes over the tedious paperwork for you

As a freight carrier and forwarding company, you can focus on your core competencies in the future - transporting, building, renting and selling construction machinery. Disporeon's scheduling solution automatically creates all documents for you and assigns them to the relevant transport order. Everything in one place. Practical, isn't it?


Transparency creates trust and forms the basis for functioning logistics

Profile picture Walter Stalder

"Building on tried-and-tested logistics processes in the construction industry, we have found a way to plan and organize digitize. This has resulted in our scheduling solution, which supports you in reducing your effort to an absolute minimum and automate the value creation process."
Walter Stalder, Managing Director & Co-Founder of Disporeon

Der Mensch im Vordergrund

Logistics builds on trust

Although - and precisely because - we are a digital company, our focus is on people - because it is the combination of technology and personal contact that creates the greatest value. We founders are firmly convinced of this.

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Register your company today for free in our transport management solution and become a member of our digital fleet.

Unlimited tenders

As a shipper, benefit from unlimited transport tenders and diverse offers.

Unlimited bidding

As a carrier, benefit from unlimited bidding on transportation tenders.

Flexible and decentralized platform use

Flexible use of the Disporeon platform for shippers and carriers without memberships and subscriptions.

Quality and reliability

High reliability through quality-tested carriers ensure safe transportation of construction machinery.

Completely independent

Disporeon is an independent company and the digital freight forwarder for small, heavy and special transports.

Logistics and Partner Network of Disporeon Ltd. at a Glance

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