We dispose construction logistics efficiently, transparently and inexpensively into the digital future

Our vision

At Disporeon, our vision is to help revolutionize construction logistics through advanced technology. We believe that the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data-driven approaches can help increase efficiency in construction logistics, reduce and optimize efforts, and increase customer satisfaction.

We strive to become the leading platform for construction logistics and help companies automate and optimize their processes. Our solutions will help increase transparency in construction logistics, improve collaboration between companies and meet sustainability requirements.

We will continuously evolve to meet the needs of our customers and ensure they are always at the cutting edge of technology. Our services and solutions will align with our customers' needs to help them optimize their processes and achieve their goals.

We are convinced that the digitalization of construction logistics will play a crucial role in creating a sustainable future. We will work to help companies achieve their sustainability goals and contribute to a better future.

In our vision, we see a world where the supply chain is optimized through advanced technology, and companies are able to automate their processes, reduce their costs, and increase their customers' satisfaction while achieving your sustainability goals. We strive to make this vision a reality by providing world-class solutions and services to our customers and by continuously evolving.

Our mission

At Disporeon, our goal is to support and optimize companies throughout the construction logistics supply chain through the use of advanced technology. We believe that automating processes and using data analytics can help increase efficiency, reduce effort and increase customer satisfaction.

To achieve this goal, we provide our customers with a comprehensive solution and service tailored to their needs. These include, but are not limited to:

Automation of processes:
We use advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to digitize and automate processes that today still operate in analog.

Data analytics:
We use data-driven approaches to help companies gain insights from their data and use them to make decisions and optimize processes.

Customer service:
We provide our customers with excellent customer service and are always ready to assist them with any questions or issues.

We invest in the development of new technologies and solutions to ensure that our customers are always on the cutting edge of technology and are able to optimize their processes and achieve their goals.

We believe that through the use of technology and data analytics, the supply chain in construction logistics can be significantly optimized. Our goal is to help companies optimize their processes, reduce their costs and increase their customer satisfaction. We strive to provide our customers with first-class solutions and services and to continuously develop our company.

Together we are efficient

With the support of our transport management solution, we help construction companies, construction equipment dealers and rental companies to quickly find a suitable transport in their area. The carriers benefit from an extended market knowledge and can acquire additional transports if required, thus reducing the costs for empty runs to a minimum.

Together we are transparent

By registering in our Transport Management solution, our customers do not incur any costs. The transport management solution offers construction companies, construction equipment dealers and rental companies the possibility to compare the offers of a large number of carriers and to book the most optimal transport. The carriers benefit from an unrestricted insight into all occurring small, heavy and special transports in Switzerland.

Together we are good value

Due to the free choice of the most optimal transport, our customers only incur costs for the successful procurement of a small, heavy or special transport for the use of the transport management solution. At the same time, Disporeon's solution reduces the costs of internal efforts to an absolute minimum and guarantees our customers an ideal price/performance ratio.

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